Each year dozens of children in Canada visit emergency rooms after unintentionally ingesting button-type batteries. These small, coin shaped batteries power many common household items and children’s toys. Although button batteries in toys are usually locked in place, they can be found in unsecured places like remote controls, flashing jewellery, small electronic devices and novelty items. 

Health Canada Alerts Parents and Caregivers to the Dangers of Swallowing Small Magnetic Parts from Mega Brands Magnetix Magnetic Building Sets 
Health Canada is alerting the public to the danger to children of all ages posed by toys with small, powerful magnets or certain toys with small powerful magnetic parts. When more than one powerful magnet is swallowed in a short period of time, the magnets can attract one another while moving through the intestines. ...The results of swallowing small powerful magnets can be very serious and life-threatening. Swallowing incidents have often resulted in considerable damage to the gastrointestinal tissues and required emergency surgical treatment. For survivors, there can be serious lifelong health problems.

Health Canada recently received an incident report involving a three year old child who swallowed two magnetic parts (2.7 cm long rods) from a Mega Brands Magnetix Magnetic Building Set. The child received swift medical attention and sustained no injury.

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