Daycare is provided at the Teen Parent Centre for teens involved in our programs. We offer infant, toddler and pre-school programs at no cost you.


Teen Parent Daycare Philosophy

Daycare in actionThe Child Care staff at the Teen Parent Centre are trained Child Care Educators. The Teen Parent Centre Daycare offers a warm and nurturing environment where children can learn and develop at their own pace. We engage the children in developmentally appropriate experiences that enhance learning through play. We follow a predictable pattern which includes a daily balance of active/quiet, indoor/outdoor, free play/directed activities which support all areas of healthy child development in a cross-cultural setting. The Child Care staff work in partnership with you, the parent. The Teen Parent Centre is a community of professionals here to support young families and celebrate the individual child. 

The Teen Parent Centre staff is responsible for providing a safe and healthy physical environment for all children. This encourages physical, social, intellectual, emotional and sensory development at the appropriate level for each child.

Infant II/Toddler Room II

The daily routine in the Infant II room is flexible to allow for individual needs of each child. Our routine includes both nap and snack times, and also allows time for exploration, one-one time with caregiver, and play. Check out our Infant II schedule here (PDF 83kb), and our Toddler Room schedule here (PDF 84kb)

The Teen Parent Centre will help you with transportation costs. Besides providing bus passes if you are attending school, we can make special arrangements for you and your baby to get to and from the centre in very cold weather. 

The Teen Parent Centre offers tutoring. It also offers a light breakfast and hot lunch program. Programming at the centre includes prenatal, parenting and life skills information sessions.

Every year at the Teen Parent Centre we hold a Student Recognition Day to celebrate the accomplishments of our students. Young people come to the TPC for support to stay in school, for help with nutrition and health matters, or for a place to talk about their lives with people who will listen.

Success is a journey, not a destination.
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